Purchase your impli and book your procedure with our partners Get a Drip. Get a Drip is a leading vitamin drip provider in the UK and employ registered nurses that will administer your Impli safely and securely. Get a Drip has 2 convenient locations in London at Westfield shopping centre and Shoreditch box park and is expanding rapidly to other locations offering the Impli service.

£ 144

VAT included

Four LED colours to choose from.

Watch the video attached to understand how Impli works with our new app!


Passive NFC device.
Storage capacity of 1912 bytes.
All components CE marked and RoHS compliant.
Fully interoperable with our Impli App to have your emergency data with you at all times.
Be part of the exclusive User Group.
Be the first to hear about our future products.


Impli offers free implantation.
Impli only works with registered medical professionals! 

*You will be directed to the Get-A-Drip website where you will be able to schedule an appointment at your closest Get-A-Drip facility. The fee is payable on location at the facility.

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Please provide your details to us. You will be redirected to the Get-A-Drip booking page where you will be able to select your closest Get-A-Drip facility and schedule your appointment.