First Implantation ImpliCaspian Press Release

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Aaron Sherwood became the world’s first wearer of ImpliCaspian.

London, UK: Aaron Sherwood from London, Founder of EmpoweringX, became the first wearer of ImpliCaspian in the world, Impli Limited announced today. ImpliCaspian is an implantable NFC device that allows you to carry your medical identity with you at all times.

“It was a little bit like a bee sting, but the injection really didn’t hurt at all. It is so small you can barely even notice it. I am really excited to be the first in the world to have this specific type of implant. I am excited to see where we are going with this.” says Aaron

Impli spent a year developing this product, the successful implantation is a major milestone for Impli’s mission to make people’s lives safer and more convenient.

“Yesterday was a day filled with excitement and a key milestone for us. We are looking forward to the coming months and to making the world a better place – one chip at a time.” says Sybille Lambotte, Chief Operations Officer at Impli Limited

“I always thought that in an ideal world, medical data should be carried by the patient, whenever, wherever, Impli Caspian and its subdermal device can make this happen. Impli Caspian means more autonomy and safety for the patient, so of course I like it. I had never thought that I could implant a subdermal device, and here I was. In two minutes, it was done, and I had in front of me Aaron who can now own his medical data.” says Dr Alix Daniel.

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About Impli: Impli is a female-led deep tech startup and was founded in April 2019 to make people’s lives safer and more convenient using implantable technologies. Anna Luisa left a promising full-time career in the life sciences industry to openImpli and follow her dream. Impli’s values lie in delivering the highest quality standards, strong ethical policies and a human-centric approach.

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