Impli is announcing the release of ImpliCaspian; your medical identifier.

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London, UK: Impli Limited today announced ImpliCaspian, a new sub-dermal device that allows people to keep their medical identity with them at all times. ImpliCaspian allows first responders and emergency staff to treat casualties faster, by scanning an Impli owner, using a smart device and a free mobile application.

London can be a busy place. What happens if you have an accident and the emergency services don’t have the essential medical information to treat you? It could be a matter of life and death. ImpliCaspian saves lives and allows people to feel safer” says Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch, CEO at Impli. “We are the first company in the UK giving people the ability to be in charge of their medical information using implantables.”

Features and benefits of ImpliCaspian include.

  • Never lose or forget your medical information
  • More effective medical treatment in case of emergency situations
  • Easily accessible using the Near Field Communication functionality of smart devices
  • Ethical data policies and safe insertion by medical professionals

ImpliCaspian will be available starting 4th of December for pre-booking and will commence for implantation from 20th January onwards, at £80/per Impli including insertion procedure. For more information on ImpliCaspian, visit

About Impli Limited: Impli is a female-led deep tech startup and was founded in April 2019 to make people’s lives safer and more convenient using implantable technologies. Anna Luisa left her full-time career in the life sciences industry to open Impli and follow her dream. Impli’s values lie in delivering the highest quality standards, strong ethical policies and a human-centric approach.

Short history of implantable technology.

Implantable devices have been developed in the 90s and have been further used by biohackers around the world. They have recently been used in more commercial applications such as the Swedish railway systems that use them as ticket options. They are generally used as access, identification or healthcare devices and can solve interesting problems in authentication.

What is NFC technology?

Near Field Communication is a technology that originates from RfiD technology. It is widely available in smartphones and is the underlying technology for contactless mobile and card payments. Because of its frequency and therefore physically closer activation of the chip, it is deemed much safer than conventional RfiD technology, one of the reasons why it got adopted by financial institutions and secure electronic access applications.

How do we offer safe insertion?

Impli is the first company that offers a complete service to customers offering hardware, software and implantation. It is also the first company that has strict insertion rules and only works with registered medical professionals. Impli also offers an Impli certification to its partners. This helps Impli to build key quality standards into its processes and operations.

After buying your ImpliCaspian, you will receive a confirmation email with a booking link.

Click on the booking link provided and select a date, time and venue that suits you.