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No! the device is a passive device. This means that the device cannot communicate information unless an NFC reader is less than 1cm from the device.

Yes, the device can be easily removed. Just book a slot with our implantation experts to arrange an appointment.

Your ‘in case of emergency’ data can be accessed by any device with NFC reading capabilities. All other data is stored within your account and can only be accessed by you.

The implant gets placed between your thumb and your index finger for best accessibility.

ImpliCaspian gets implanted using a syringe by a registered nurse or medical professional. 

Impli is distributing information to emergency service departments and will continue to spread awareness and information about the initiative. This allows professionals to feel the presence of the implant and then scan with their smartphones to read its information.

Impli works with NFC technology that can be read by smartphones supporting NFC reading capabilities. This means that both emergency services and rescuers can use their phones to understand how to best treat the individual that has an accident.

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